About the Blue Springs Music Boosters


Blue Springs Music Boosters have supported Blue Springs School District music programs for over 30 years. As a non-profit parent-based organization, the Music Boosters exist only through membership participation, contributions, and the chocolate candy fundraiser. We distinguish ourselves from the high school Band Boosters in that our focus is broader; supporting all K-12 music students and programs – vocal, orchestra and band – within the district.

Piano Keys In To The Violin On The Black Leather Table, Half Key

Though the organization has gone through many changes over the years, the Music Boosters’ goal remains the same – To serve K-12 music students and teachers of the Blue Springs School District; assisting with additional funding for music programs to increase music enrichment for our students. We also endeavor to celebrate the musical talents within our school district! We continue to strive to reach this goal each year….Because Music Matters! AND YOU CAN HELP!!!




Through your investment and involvement, the Music Boosters can continue to provide additional investment toward our students’ music education. We encourage YOU to become a member of the Blue Springs Music Boosters by submitting a Family Membership Form and $10 to your music teacher each school year or you may buy a membership ONLINE today (for a small transaction fee of $0.60). We also gladly accept additional donations and business sponsorships. The money raised through memberships and donations goes directly to our district music programs and directly impacts our students.

For more information on specific ways we support our music students, please check out our Music Investment page and information about our Music Scholarships for seniors.


Saxophone, Drums And Guitar

We will meet three times this year. The dates are listed below and all meetings begin at 6:30pm. This site will announce each meeting location. Please plan to attend these meetings as another means of your support and to stay up-to-date on all Music Booster-sponsored programs and events. Past meeting minutes can be found here.

  • Monday, September 10 – Vote on Budget for New Year, Preparation for Candy Fundraiser; Location: John Nowlin Elementary School
  • Monday, February 4 – Follow-up to Candy Fundraiser, Scholarship Kickoff; Location: Thomas Ultican Elementary
  • Monday, April 8 – Preparation for Singfest, Vote on New Board Members; Location:  Lucy Franklin Elementary

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