Sept. 10th General Membership Meeting Highlights

The First Music Booster meeting of the year has occurred!
If you were there, please keep us honest… If you weren’t, we really missed you… and we REALLY hope to see you for our next membership meeting on November 12th Meeting – 6:30pm.  Our host for the evening will be our music teacher from Chapel Lakes Elementary (and past Booster board member herself!)…We will hear from some of her choir students that night, so PLEASE do everything you can to attend and show them our support.
The detailed Meeting Minutes for the September 10th meeting can be find here.  But for those with limited time, we’ve listed some highlights below:
A special 8th grade student woodwind ensemble played two amazing pieces.  Though Mr. Robichaud tried to give a disclaimer of it being so early in the year, the students were absolutely fabulous.  It was a wonderful opportunity to remind us of why we have a Booster Club in the first place.  I can’t thank these students and their families enough for treating us to such a great experience!
We announced the new website.  So if you are reading this, you already know 🙂
We are still in the process of getting it up to showcase quality, so bear with us.  But in the meantime, now is your opportunity to tell us what you’d like to see on our site.  For now, please send any suggestions to  We appreciate all your feedback!
The Candy Sale STARTS SEPTEMBER 20! and ends October 5.  PARENTS – If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE ask your music teacher what you can do to help make the sale amazing for them!  They are going to need lots of our help!
We are slowly seeing membership forms come in from the schools and we would love to jump it up into the higher octaves!   If you know other parents who have students who are musically inclined, or if they just love music in general, give them a little nudge to join the Music Boosters.  We really do need lots of help to provide the level of support that we hope to offer to our music teachers and students this year!   On that note, thanks for any help you can give!
It is a pleasure to be part of an organization that supports the musical arts beyond what school budgets alone are able to provide.  I look forward to what we can achieve together!
Humbly yours,

Michelle Cunningham, President
Blue Springs Music Boosters