2012 Candy Sale – Top 3 District Salespersons

The candy sale is over and it appears to have been a big success!  Students earned over $23,000 for the Blue Springs School District music programs!

This year’s top 3 sales people were:

1st Prize ($100) – Fernando Ramirez – John Nowlin Elementary (Jenifer Ward) – Sold 20 boxes or 800 candy bars! (22% of total sold at JNE)

2nd Prize ($75) – Natalya McMillan – Sunny Vale Middle School (Evelyn Erickson) – Sold 16 reg. boxes & 1 caramel only (36) –Total 676 bars. (19.24% of total sold at SVMS- vocal)

3rd Prize ($50) – Thomas Dougherty – Chapel Lakes Elementary (Donna Price) -Sold 475 bars (19.27% of total sold at CLE)

Honorable Mention – Though the Music Boosters did not offer prizes to this group of students, we wanted to acknowledge their hard work.  Through their efforts their individual school music programs have been assisted greatly.  Wonderful Job!!!!

#4 – Hunter Queen – John Nowlin Elementary (Jenifer Ward) – 360 bars (9.8% of total at JNE)

#5 – Kelli Long – Sunny Vale Middle School (Evelyn Erickson) – 316 bars. 9% of total at SVMS- vocal)

#6(tie)- Camry O’Riley – Brittany Hill Middle School (Karla Avery) – 280 bars (13% of total at BHMS- Vocal)

#6(tie) – Mikayla Sandell – Thomas Ultican Elementary (Fredalyn Gentry) – 280 bars (35% of all candy sold at TUE)!

#7 – Olivia Hailey – Chapel Lakes Elementary (Donna Price) – 267 bars (10.8% of total at CLE)

#8 – Corbin Reat – Chapel Lakes Elementary (Donna Price) – 262 bars (10.6% of total at CLE)

#9 – Evan Jung – Brittany Hill Middle School (Elizabeth Puyear) – 240 bars (8% of total at BHMS-Band)

Thank you to the rest of the students who helped their music programs by selling candy bars.  There were quite a few students in the district who sold 3-5 boxes and a great deal who sold 1-2 boxes, which is absolutely wonderful!  And for those families who provided donations, we thank you as well!   The District music programs appreciate this extra help very much!