Nominations Please!

The Blue Springs Music Boosters needs your help!  By March 31st, we need nominations for replacement Board Members as follows:

VP – Fundraising – Jennifer Conner must step down due to an increase in her real job responsibilities.

Secretary – Melinda Bowman runs her own business and committed to only serve one year at the start.

Treasurer* – Chrystal Simon has put in numerous years working for Music Boosters and is ready to step down.

*Michelle Cunningham – current President – has Treasury experience, so if another person does not step up, Michelle could move to this role and the President role would need to be filled.

Please consider volunteering your services to the Blue Springs Music Boosters. Our students truly benefit from having additional support toward their music education! We have just begun to make a bigger difference again in numerous ways, but we need people who are willing to serve to keep the trend going.

Email us at if you would like to discuss any of the positions that are open or if you have any suggestions for others who might be willing to help.

The deadline is March 31st, so we will be ready for the vote at the April 8th General Membership meeting.

Thank you for your support!

The Blue Springs Music Booster Board