From the Music Booster President

letter_president_bannerDear Blue Springs Music Boosters,

It is hard to believe that another school year is over and summer is approaching quickly. Hopefully you have been enjoying the last few concerts and musical events of the semester. It is always amazing to see how far our students have progressed in the course of a year. Aren’t the music programs at our schools awesome? BSSD music teachers are the best!

Music Booster Board members have been busy keeping things running smoothly. I greatly appreciate each Board member and all they do for BSMB. A few of them will be going off the Board this summer. I want to thank Angela Himegarner, Tamara Cole, Melissa Cerise and Lauri Redmon for all they have done to support BSMB. Each one of them has provided time, energy and resources to BSMB.

At the last Boosters meeting, we elected new Board members who will replace the outgoing Board. Please welcome Mike Marcella, Shari Stout, Rebecca David and Tammy Regier. We are excited to have them join us.

I would like to share some of the highlights of the year. Our candy sale fundraiser was a success last fall. We provided $5,100 in funding to assist schools in making the following purchases:

  • Sound shells for PKMS
  • Clarinova/Electric piano for LFE
  • New Xylophone for JLE
  • K-8 Music Subscriptions for 2015/2016 to all the Elementary schools.

We provided and served pizza to over 340 students at the 5th grade Singfest in April. Just recently we awarded two $500 scholarships to graduating seniors. Congratulations to Julia Curry from BSSHS and Walter Puyear from BSHS. None of these things would be possible without your membership support and donations. Thanks to all of the BSMB members.

I would like to close with a few lines from a note the BSMB received from Debbie Gray (retiring teaching from DYE):

“I have taught in Blue springs since 1979 and have reaped the benefits of the Booster Club all these years!…I taught 2 full years without a piano or music room!! Thanks to candy sales, I was able to save for a Kawai piano…and the Boosters covered the other half of the balance…I’ve been forever indebted to you for getting a piano. Since then, I’ve been able to purchase many things and accumulate a nice sheet music library, thanks to you and your predecessors! What a great legacy you have planted and grown for the students and staff of Blue Springs.”

On that “note”, I will sign off. Please don’t forget about us when the BSMB Membership drive begins in August.


Ronnee Schweizer,
BSMB President

P.S. Please continue to browse this website for more information about the Music Boosters.   You will find great information about the different ways we support the music programs. If you FOLLOW this website (see below), you will automatically be sent new posts on what the Music Boosters are up to.

We would love to hear your comments!

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