Chocolate Candy Bar Sale

Each year, the Chocolate CandyMusic Boosters sponsor a Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraiser. Music teachers can elect to participate, whereupon they can earn money that goes directly to their school music programs. The Boosters also give awards for the Top 3 Student Salespeople in the district as follows:

Top Seller – $100             2nd Prize – $75         3rd Prize – $50

The 2018-19 Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraiser will officially begin September 17-October 5, 2018 (Dates subject to change). 
Teachers may elect to continue to sell beyond this date. If you would like to help your music teacher earn extra money for new instruments, music, etc., please ask them about the Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraiser. They will give you the details!


Want to help even more? The Candy Fundraiser is a BIG deal and teachers can use all the adult help they can get. If you enjoy organizing and want to work with your teacher during their sale, please let them know as soon as possible. They would LOVE the help!