Candy Sale

Chocolate Candy

September 2018 Info Coming Soon!


Coming Soon: September 2018 Candy Fundraiser Packet (3pgs)


Coming Soon: September 2018 Candy Sale School Instructions

Coming Soon: September 2018 Candy Sale School Letter & Permission


The Music Booster bank is Bank Midwest. The main branch we use for making deposits during the candy sale is located at 1100 NW South Outer Road, Blue Springs.  [816-224-9922]. A Booster Board Member must be present when making deposits.

You will have an opportunity to sign up for time slots via “Sign Up Genius” at the bank to “make a deposit” following the end of the official Candy Sale. Near the end of the sale, watch for an email from Music Boosters for further information on this.

2018 Money Form (coming soon) (Enter data directly into form, then print off when completed to turn in with your money.)

Deposit Preparation Requirements:
1.  No coin or as little as possible.
2.  $1 changed to larger bills  (makes for quicker process at final deposit time).
3.  All bills facing same way.
4.  Completed Money Form from above. Make sure all totals are filled in.
5.  Line item $$ tally of all checks, plus total (bank wants a listing of all checks and amounts so they can verify as they process them). By using the Money Form to do these calculations, this makes it super easy.
6.  We also need check donations to the schools separated from the rest of the candy sale money (the Money Form breaks these out).
If these items are done in advance, we can process with each teacher in about 10-15 minutes or as little as 5 minutes depending on how prepared you are with each of the items listed above.
If you have any questions about these procedures or forms, please contact us at